Project MILFF, My Imaginary Little Fun Fair

  • Hi everyone,

    I would like to share some pictures of the new project I have started.

    Project MILFF, My Imaginary Little Fun Fair..

    At first I have started to create the city and just go from there and see where it goes :D
    The first small section is now open for buisness! So time to show some pics.
    Sorry if they are a bit dark, Im still working on the lights..

    The following pictures show the first light show I have created for a ride.. Thnx 2 Addi! :D

    The Ramba Zamba Light Show.

    I also made a video of the light show.

    Its a small fair for now but there is enough room for more rides and light shows!

    Stay tuned!

    Gtrs DC

  • This doesn't looks great!!! This looks Amazing!!!
    Hey You ALL, Meet my new BEST FRIEND! :yahoo:

    Great JOB on the lasershow!!! I LOVED IT! I am a hughe fan of lights, and you certainly used the Lights the right way!!
    TOP TOp TOP Quality!

    @ Dutch: OHJA en MILFF...... :rofl2: .... WTF, ik kom niet meer bij!! Wat een giller, hoe verzin je het! :good:

  • I made a video of the coaster and put it up for download.

    Hope you like it!

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  • Thnx for the Download!! Nice (RE-)colloring of the Track.

    But why a separate video? you can palce it here aswell (i mean in the treath!)
    The Video by the way, was awesome!! :good:

  • really great stuff, i love this kirmes,so many peeps,it looks so realistic :thumbsup:

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