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  • i would love to see more kiddie rides

  • You should try to make a new swing ride, like the yoyo! Popular at some carnivals.

  • how can I download Techno power

    • Hello Rct3Fan216

      I am currently working on a new version of the Techno Power from Schausteller Eckl, with new lighting technology and further improvements to the cso modeling!

      The old version is about 8 years I put then also still in the Filebase for download...

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    1. Hi, so, could you do a cso for a crazy dance? thanks sorry to interrupt
  • I would love to download the great CSO thats available on here. However, I can not download, is there anyway I can be activated to download content?

    • Hello Cyclone_Cyclos...

      The filebase is only activated when the new user is active in the forum. I unlock you manually free a have fun at K-Rides of the Rct3 Kirmes community...

  • hi, I need help I would like to download content but I can't I would like to know what I can do :)

  • please could you accept me to the file data base so I can download your amazing content :) thankyou

  • Hello Coastergirl !I am a new member as well having the same issue in the filebase not sure what to do could you help please. Bobby

  • hallo hab mal ne frage wieso kann ich die sachen nicht downloaden

    • Du mußt zuerst etwas aktivität im Forum zeigen, wie einen thread schreiben, oder auf Beiträge antworten usw. das ist eine sicherheitsmaßnahme. Dann kannst du auch downloaden !

    • yea i been having the same problem, lot of great items in the filebase i would love to have

    • pleas activate my account so that i may obtain some of the csos here. a lot of them can not be found on shyguys page and i really would love to have them for my park

    • Hi, massrebel...

      The activation takes place automatically if activity in the forum is done by the member !

      But I have now manually activated you ;)

    • Why can I not download anything?