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    hi Coasterworx,

    Deine Projekte sehen gut aus. Ich bin besonders neugierig auf diesen Polyp!

    Uber Hollentaxi:

    Du meinst die Version in der Datenbank? Ist das nicht eine CTR und kein CFR? Wenn du diesen hier meinst, funktioniert es auch für mich gut.


    Okay, now I feel the need to comment to this.

    At our own forum, we only accept the Englisch language. We made this choise as a team. The reason is very simple: Most of our visitors are from America, Brazil, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Just a few are from Germany. When we allow the German language, almost all our visitors dont understand that. So we choose for the universal world-language.

    We also post in Englisch at your German forum. thats because Marco (Italien) and I (Dutch) dont speak German.

    This was never a problem, I even spoke Englisch when I was a team member here.

    When you (Krides) choose to only allow the German language, I respect that choise. But now it is unclear.


    DeepL Translator:

    Okay, jetzt habe ich das Bedürfnis, das zu kommentieren.

    In unserem eigenen Forum akzeptieren wir nur die englische Sprache. Wir haben diese Entscheidung als Team getroffen. Der Grund dafür ist sehr einfach: Die meisten unserer Besucher kommen aus Amerika, Brasilien, Frankreich, Belgien und den Niederlanden. Nur wenige kommen aus Deutschland. Wenn wir die deutsche Sprache erlauben, verstehen das fast alle unsere Besucher nicht. Also entscheiden wir uns für die universelle Weltsprache.

    Wir posten auch auf Englisch in Ihrem deutschen Forum. Das liegt daran, dass Marco (Italiener) und ich (Niederländer) kein Deutsch sprechen.

    Das war nie ein Problem, ich sprach sogar Englisch, als ich hier im Team war.

    Wenn du (Krides) dich dafür entscheidest, nur die deutsche Sprache zu erlauben, respektiere ich diese Wahl. Aber jetzt ist es unklar.


    Hi guys!

    I just released a brand-new rideskin! Circus Circus, a beautifull Huss Magic. Operated by Gründler & Preuß.

    I made this rideskin especially for the Magic CFR by Adcanced Rides. But also the Magic made by Jenne does fit.

    It's in normal and diagonal :D

    Grab your download at our website

    Greets, Zyned

    Hi TheCure,

    Thanks for letting me know!!! I didn't hear the sound, because I always play the game without sound. I solved the problem.

    You can re-download the Deca Dance. It's the improved version without the irritating noise.


    Hi guys,

    For a very long time, I wanted to create the beautiful Belgium Deca Dance for RCT3.
    Finally it's ready!
    It's the most complicated ride I ever made, but it's still very light for the game. There is a 90 seconds light-show which repeat itself.

    A special thank you goes to Kevin Konix for letting me use his backdrop pictures.
    And to Marc_CFD for creating the confetti/glitter particles!

    Soon available 8o

    Greets, Zyned

    Hi Guys!

    Some years ago, I made the Take Off with a custom CFR. I never figured out how to create a working CFR, so I completely remade it.
    It now fits the CFR made by Jenne, has improved lightanimations, and is much more optimized for the game.

    I present, Take Off - Ruppert:

    Soon available!

    Greets, Zyned

    Thanks guys!

    Unfortunately, peeps don't use this ride. It is just scenery.

    Rue de Paris is available at our download section at :D

    I changed some small things like a light string under the mill. I also added some light behind the glass (Thanks Marco for the tip!)

    Greets, Zyned

    Hi guys,

    Here is a video of my new project. Super Mouse roller coaster. It is inspired by the original in the Netherlands, operated by de Voer.
    I changed the station, so peeps take the right paths to the cars.

    I want to thank JG59 for his help to let the cars spin :thumbup:

    Download will be up this weekend!

    Greets, Zyned