[WIP] Ilgmk's Stall Pack

  • Hi guys! I hope you like the Maelstrom. Now I can announce my next project that - I hope - will be useful in creating a realistic funfair: a pack of stalls. I want to thank Zyned for letting me use his stall models as a starting point for mine. Since I almost run out of good pictures of existing stalls, my pack will include both RCT3 version of existing stalls and fantasy ones. Here I present the first two ones: Las Vegas is a fantasy huge crane/pusher stall. FunCity is the RCT3 version of an existing pusher stall owned by Klaus Brunke. Important: if you have good detailed pictures of stalls, please let me know! ;)

  • Ja, das sieht echt schön aus. Habe einige Bilder von verschiedenen Buden auf dem Hamburger Sommerdom 2019 gemacht. Bilder stelle ich die Tage rein.

    Fahrgeschäfte aus den 90ern sind die besten! Und Ponies aus dem Jahr 2010 auch! :D

  • Thanks a lot guys!

    Peter, I was suspecting you were Peter park, but I was not totally sure. :D

    I sent you a message in the Zyned forum ;)

    Thanks a lot Coasterworx for the information!

  • Hallo zusammen! It's time to reveal two more stalls that will be included in my upcoming Stall pack. One is the RCT3 version of a real one, the beautiful Mandel-Brennerei Martin Meyer (they are on fFacebook, so you can see the real one). This stall will be available also in a diagonal version. The other one is a fantasy one: F1 Grand Prix is a Derby Race stall with Formula One cars. Hope you'll like 'em!

  • Hallo zusammen! Another update with two more upcoming stalls. Being Italian, it was almost inevitable for me to make a Pizza stall, dedicated to a famous town very close to my hometown, It is a fantasy stall with a very "tourist postcard" vibe (and some humour, I hope). The other one is the tiniest of the pack: an Hamburger Fischkate stall inspired by an image I found in the net (and with the recycling of a scenery piece from one of my rides ;) ) It is small, but very useful to be placed in narrow places. 😉

  • Die Buden sehen wirklich geil aus:thumbup:

    [font='Chicago, Impact, Compacta, sans-serif']Leb dein Leben,lauf der Hoffnung entgegen, Liebe zeigt dir den Weg [/font]
  • Die Buden sehn schön aus, grade mit der Beleuchtung ein wahre Blickfang :thumbup:

    Die Leute sagen immer...Die Zeiten werden schlimmer! Die Zeiten bleiben immer... Die Menschen werden schlimmer.