Zyned's Christmas Pack II

  • Hi guys,

    About two years ago, I created a big Christmas Pack. This year I was missing some things when I was working on a Christmas market/funfair in RCT3. (Soon more!).
    So I made Zyned's Christmas Pack II. Release will be somewhere before Christmas.

    The pack contains a lot of stalls (Also diagonal ones), An entrance gate, a skating rink and many more. It also contains a CTR called 'Christmas Express'.

    Soon I will post a video of my Christmas market/funfair. Then you can see all this in motion and lighted.


  • Sorry, Dennis.

    So schön die Objekte auch sind, aber sie kommen viel, viel zu spät.

    Wer baut noch 6 Tage vor Heiligabend einen Weihnachtsmarkt ?

    Derartige CSO's müssen spätestens Ende Oktober an die User.

    Aber gut !

    Wir werden sie dann nächstes Jahr verwenden.

  • So schön die Objekte auch sind, aber sie kommen viel, viel zu spät.

    I know! This was planned a lot earlier. But I am super busy lately with workweeks over 50 hours. I created this for my Christmas scenario in the first place. But I thought, why not release it.

  • Hello Dennis, :) a really nice set. Where you can be grateful for the RCT 3 is still created .. it's a nice Christmas present from you dear Dennis .. too late is nothing ... can only connect me Coastergirl there ... a Christmas city or fair not only in December :thumbup: ... thank you Dennis also to your team and you nice Christmas ..lg Renegade

    Die Leute sagen immer...Die Zeiten werden schlimmer! Die Zeiten bleiben immer... Die Menschen werden schlimmer.

  • I can only say "Wow". Really a nice CSO-set. Maybe we can build a little christmas themed park or funfair. I think of the Lunapark in Sydney, Australia. But anyway, great work - worth waiting for it. :thumbsup:

    Fahrgeschäfte aus den 90ern sind die besten! Und Ponies aus dem Jahr 2010 auch! :D