Zyned's Christmas Pack II

  • Hi guys,

    About two years ago, I created a big Christmas Pack. This year I was missing some things when I was working on a Christmas market/funfair in RCT3. (Soon more!).
    So I made Zyned's Christmas Pack II. Release will be somewhere before Christmas.

    The pack contains a lot of stalls (Also diagonal ones), An entrance gate, a skating rink and many more. It also contains a CTR called 'Christmas Express'.

    Soon I will post a video of my Christmas market/funfair. Then you can see all this in motion and lighted.


  • Sorry, Dennis.

    So schön die Objekte auch sind, aber sie kommen viel, viel zu spät.

    Wer baut noch 6 Tage vor Heiligabend einen Weihnachtsmarkt ?

    Derartige CSO's müssen spätestens Ende Oktober an die User.

    Aber gut !

    Wir werden sie dann nächstes Jahr verwenden.

  • So schön die Objekte auch sind, aber sie kommen viel, viel zu spät.

    I know! This was planned a lot earlier. But I am super busy lately with workweeks over 50 hours. I created this for my Christmas scenario in the first place. But I thought, why not release it.

  • Hi Dennis...
    Super work Dennis, from now on Christmas will be extended until the beginning of summer to be able to use this beautiful set.
    Thank you very much for your work.
    best regards sam

  • Hello Dennis, :) a really nice set. Where you can be grateful for the RCT 3 is still created .. it's a nice Christmas present from you dear Dennis .. too late is nothing ... can only connect me Coastergirl there ... a Christmas city or fair not only in December :thumbup: ... thank you Dennis also to your team and you nice Christmas ..lg Renegade

    Die Leute sagen immer...Die Zeiten werden schlimmer! Die Zeiten bleiben immer... Die Menschen werden schlimmer.

  • I can only say "Wow". Really a nice CSO-set. Maybe we can build a little christmas themed park or funfair. I think of the Lunapark in Sydney, Australia. But anyway, great work - worth waiting for it. :thumbsup:

    Fahrgeschäfte aus den 90ern sind die besten! Und Ponies aus dem Jahr 2010 auch! :D