[WIP] Jekyll & Hyde - Thelen

  • ..., but switching from sketchup to Blender is very hard for me.

    Blender's not really heavy. But as you write, switching from Sketchup to Blender is very difficult. (Sio should be able to sing a song about that, too.)
    I feel the same way with the graphics program. My old program only works up to Windows XP. And every other program feels like I'm trying to operate it with my left foot. (That's also a reason why I practically don't do anything anymore.)

    From the beginning, I have only worked with Blender, and recommended it to everyone. (Only nobody listened to me.)

  • Hey ilgmk,
    Wow the Jekyll & Hyde looks very good work.I'm very excited about how he looks in the game. Big praise also
    for all your other projects.

    LG Steffen

  • Wow. Wirklich ein sehr schönes CSO geworden. Wird auf jeden Fall bei meiner nächsten Kirmes im Februar 2019 dabei sein. Vielen Dank dafür. :)

    Fahrgeschäfte aus den 90ern sind die besten! Und Ponies aus dem Jahr 2010 auch! :D