[REL] Hinzen Haunted Mansion

  • Vielen dank Grim Reaper!! :D
    I've seen that you started to work on the Fahrt Zur Holle geisterbahn! You did a good job so far. :)
    I'd just suggest you to use alpha textures in order to reduce the number of faces of the structures. :)
    In this way you will have lighter CSO for the game.

  • Gern geschehen ilgmk. :)

    Dankeschön für das Lob meiner Geisterbahn Fahrt zur Hölle. :)

    Ah okay, ich verstehe. Also ich sollte für mein Modell Alpha Texturen im Importer verwenden ok.

    Danke dir für den Tipp. :)

    Dunkle Grüße

  • :thumbsup:

    I don't know if you found instructions about alpha textures, so I give you a little example in Sketchup:

    You can create a backdrop with irregular shape using Alpha textures (.png files 256x256 or 512x512) without creating the shape in Sketchup (it is enough to create, as you can see in the image, just a square). Generally, for backdrops or similar structures, I use three different overlapped layers (you have to overlap them putting a space of 0,01 m between them - see image below). I usually use the front layer for lights, the middle layer for the front and the last layer for the rear part.

    Hope to have been useful!