F.E.S - Fair Enhance Set - by Zyned

  • Hi,

    It is time to reveal my new set: F.E.S (Fair Enhance Set).
    This set will contain hundreds of objects to give your fair and rides a lot of extra's.
    This set will contain 5 different themes:

    Theme 1: 'Lights'

    In this theme you will find a lot of lighted attributes. You can use these to give your rides a great light show. Every object will come in many positions and sizes. Everything will be recolorable, so you can use your own creativity with them.
    Included in this theme are:

    - Lightstrips in many sizes and positions. All are recolorable and have running lights.
    - Lighted figures in many sizes and positions, like stars, arrows, circles, and ovals. All are recolorable and have running lights.
    - Lighted 'fair-words', like super, fun, speed, etc. These will have a neon lighting.
    - All letters of the alphabet in different sizes and positions. These will have running lights and will be recolorable. With these you can create words (name of a ride for example).
    - Working spots, strobes, and other 'disco-lights' these will have animated 'rct3-lights', so you don't need fireworks for them. (See my Take Off as example).

    Theme 2: 'Payboxes'

    In this theme you will find a lot of universal payboxes, all recolorable. They will come:

    - In many different sizes and positions.
    - In many themes, like children, generic, etc.
    - With controlpanels.
    - Complete with (running)lights

    Theme 3: 'Build Pieces'

    In this theme you will find a lot pieces to build parts of your rides.

    - (Metal) Floors.
    - Stairs.
    - Pieces to build backdrops.
    - Fences in a lot of different styles.
    - (Animated) Flags
    - Etc.

    Theme 4: 'Fair Attributes'

    In this theme you will find a lot of attributes to give your fair a lot of extra's. Included in this theme are:

    - Gates. You can use these to give your fair one or more entrance gates. These will come in different languages, like Kermis, Kirmes, Fair, etc.
    - Trailers and caravans.
    - Power Generators.
    - Fences with rides or advertising on it.
    - Advertising plates.
    - Etc.

    Maybe i will come up with some other pieces along the creation-process. They will be added.
    If you have suggestions about pieces you want to see in this set, please tell me!

    Greets, Zyned

  • Wow, thanks dude! Great and awesome stuff, I'm really looking forward to it. :thumbsup:

    I'm also working on a Fuhrpark-Set with Trailers, Trucks. etc. :)

    Fahrgeschäfte aus den 90ern sind die besten! Und Ponies aus dem Jahr 2010 auch! :D

  • This new projects sound really great !!! 8)

    an idea: fences to be used as a Billboard - so we can create fences especially for the fair rides in RCT3 with fences which are used in real life by the ~Schausteller~ :D
    (When I'm visiting fairs I take photos of the fences especially to use them in Billboards 8) )

    I think 'wuzeltown' once created a set with fair fences too. In his set there can also 2 Billboard fences be found [normal + diagonal]
    but unfortunately they are placed/ built "offset" :S

    I hope you understand what I wanted to explain to you and can think of it during the creation-process ... :D :P